• Is the service your customers receive better or worse than they expect?
  • Is the service you provide better or worse than your competitors?
  • Do you know if the rates you charge are competitive and are you losing out by over or under charging?

What’s the Secret to Keeping Your Customers Happy?

Good customer service is vital in keeping your customers happy and mystery shopping is a recognised method of measuring and monitoring customer service. We use carefully selected mystery shoppers to go into your place of business and appear as normal customers to evaluate the quality of service.

In today’s difficult economic climate customer service is more crucial than ever and can give you the advantage you’re looking for and a mystery shopping service could provide the essential difference between you and your competitors.

Most companies these days see their customers not in terms of a single purchase but look at the value to the business of that customer over their lifetime.

Considering that very few customers take the time to complain, or complete evaluations forms – it’s not surprising that these silent customers simply quietly go elsewhere to spend their money without anyone really noticing or understanding why.

In an age where the needs of an ever demanding market place are placing increasing strain on service levels, you simply can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to customer service.

If you can keep your customers happy your business will thrive.

So, how do you know whether your service levels are good enough?

How do you know you are at least as good as your competitors and how do you know your business is not only meeting the needs of the customer, but of the business itself?

The only true way is to view it through the eyes of your customer.

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We have used The Secret Service for Mystery Shopping regularly now for 18 months and I wish we had found The Secret Service years ago. Their expertise and genuine care for our business makes us proud to work along side them. Their SAS (Service Analysis System)provides us with online reports 24/7 and is simple and easy to use. It does what is says on the tin! Linda and her team are passionate about their business but also about ours. We have over 3000 outlets and The Secret Service with their contractors situated all over the UK have helped us get the feedback we need to help us to develop and maintain the level of service we strive to achieve, Thank you.

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