What we do

  • What do your customers really think about you?
  • What are their actual buying experiences?
  • Compare your performance with your competitors

What we do

whatwedosmallThe Secret Service provides an ethical, confidential service givingĀ  you an insight into your competitors activities and your customers buying experience.

The service is called ‘Mystery Shopping’ or ‘Competitor Research’ but should never be seen as covert or underhand. In fact our service allows our clients to improve where they need to and can also highlight what they already do well.

We normally construct an approach which is unique to our clients and will answer specific questions which are posed.

Typically clients want to know either about their own company or a combination of competitors, usually looking at:

  • Customer Services
  • Product and Service Awareness
  • Staff Motivation

These areas are very broad and can mean getting answers to some very specific questions such as:

  • How quickly are our sales lines answered and how often are they engaged?
  • Are our sales people discussing the needs the client has before launching into a sales pitch?
  • Is our reception area as welcoming as that of our competitors?
  • Are our prices more/less/the same as our competitors?
  • Which products/services were considered during the buying process?
  • How do our customers view our service?
  • How do our customers, both actual and potential, view us compared to our competitors?

and many other questions ….

The Secret Service will help our clients accurately measure, learn, and get feedback insight from real customers, empowering organisations to make a real and positive difference to the person who matters most … the customer.