Who we are

  • Identify what your organisation is good at
  • And find out what you are not so good at
  • Enabling you to improve your customer service

Who we are

0C916427-C5FC-36DF-02FFF88DDD292A51We are specialists in mystery shopping services providing mystery shopping visits and reports aimed at highlighting your organisations strengths and weaknesses and improving your customer service levels.

We are also winners of Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, which was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is best known for his star role in TV’s Dragons’ Den.

Our clients want to find out more about their competitors and about how their own staff represent their company.

Most agencies will only work with big businesses but not us – we want you to benefit from our local knowledge, expertise and our commitment to helping you provide the best service.

Our relationship with our clients is as a partnership where our role is not just to provide data, but to work quite specifically toward identified aims and objectives.

With a really strong background and vast experience with mystery shopping organisations and market research agencies we have a database of agents across the UK with a number of Mystery Shoppers carrying out assignments at any one time. However, many of our programmes call for agents to be recruited specifically to meet the client’s requirements.

Our service allows us to bring you both positive and negative observations in an unbiased way, checking services or products at the point of delivery.

To receive your ‘free’ top tips to great customer service please e-mail us with your details and we will reply within 3 working days.

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